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Looking for expert advice and support as you prepare for your birth but don't need someone to join you in-person on the big day? Virtual Doula Support offers you all the informational and emotional support of a professional doula anytime during your pregnancy! Package includes up to four (4) virtual one-hour sessions as you prepare prenatally, unlimited phone/text support during labor, and one (1) virtual session postpartum. 


Virtual Doula Support package includes: Birth plan assistance (including customizable Birth Wishes template), Labor Bag Checklist, Registry suggestions, 15 page Prenatal & Postpartum Planning Packet, as well as additional handouts covering special circumstances like Inductions & Cesarean Birth, as well as a specially created Doula Essentials Kit with 5 of Kerry's must have items for creating your best birth!


This package can also be customized to fit your specific needs

Virtual Doula Support with Kerry

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