Family Testimonials

Monica S

Arlington, VA

I was one of those moms-to-Be who adamantly wanted her Birth Plan to be honored: I especially did not want a c-section or drugs! Yet I learned from my wedding day that not everything would go as planned so I’d best learn to let go and live in the moment, accepting things outside of my control.

Upon meeting Kerry in person, we knew she would be great! She rolled with all of our questions with patience, and she had a tattoo in Sanskrit meaning we connected on a spiritual level both being yoginis.

Yet my husband and I could not have anticipated just how awesome Kerry is as a doula until labor got real at the hospital! I had a complex labor lasting nearly 48 hours. She arrived before active labor and thus stayed awake the entire time.

She was calm throughout and answered questions about the labor process that couldn’t be answered in the labor papers she or the hospital had given us-even the “dirty/gross woman” stuff!

When labor advanced, she helped my husband and I make informed decisions when the midwives and doctors came into my room to give me news (more than once) that I did not want to hear (hint: things that needed to be considered that were not in my Birth Plan).

Because the labor was so long and I had not slept, I opted for the epidural after 36 hours of labor so I could sleep through contractions and have the energy to push. She never judged me for this and instead supported that decision which was not on my Birth Plan to get me through the labor to delivery.

She also gave me the best massages in my lower back so I didn’t feel the back labor contractions (they were very uncomfortable without her massages!) She did this often like a champ without complaint and little sleep.

She was a coach too encouraging me throughout it all, reminding me of all the positive to keep my energy levels up and believe in myself.

Ashley R

Washington, DC

Kerry was the doula for the birth of my second daughter and she provided amazing support for achieving the natural childbirth that I desired!! She was just what I needed -- her demeanor, physical touch during contractions, and verbal affirmation helped me feel relaxed, calm, and reassured (especially at the end which was very fast and dramatic). I had a different doula for my first baby who just did not pan out; I was so happy to have Kerry there this time around during one of the most memorable and sacred events you can have in life. Additionally, my husband is also a willing and wonderful support during labor and she made sure to incorporate him into the birth process by giving him additional ideas and tips as she could tell having him by my side really helped. Kerry also took amazing photos after the birth of my husband, daughter, and I that we received tons of compliments on. She has an amazing eye for framing, even in a hospital with less than ideal backgrounds. We will treasure them always!

Kerry was very responsive to emails and questions throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend Kerry!

Amanda L

Arlington, VA

You should do yourself a favor and hire Kerry as your doula! After meeting Kerry, you immediately get the feeling that you've known her forever. Her warmth, compassion, and down-to-earth personality are combined with her knowledge, experience, curiosity and straightforwardness - you know that she is someone you can feel completely comfortable and vulnerable with, as well as depend on the most important day of your life. Our delivery did not go as planned but Kerry was there with us every step of the way. Kerry has become our friend and we continue to be proud of the integrity and intelligence she brings to her work.

Ilyse H.

Washington, DC

I simply cannot say enough about our experience with Kerry as our doula. We loved her immediately upon meeting her. She exudes competence and warmth and made us feel like we were in great hands in the lead up to our birth. I knew there was a good chance that we would have a cesarian birth because I was carrying twins and my presenting twin would just never move into position. My biggest concern was that having a c-section would negate the need for a doula and we would have spent money for nothing. I couldn't have been more wrong. There's no way to know, but I think Kerry was equally if not more crucial to a positive birth experience given the surgery. She knew the ropes; she calmed me down; and she gentlty intervened to make certain that having a c-section did not unnecessarily rob us of the best birthing experience possible. We will forever feel grateful  to her. She visited us after the birth and it was like greeting an old friend. I cannot say enough about Kerry; she will always be part of our family.

Martha B.

Alexandria, VA

Kerry is a wealth of knowledge and such a comforting supportive person. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her from the first time we met. As first time parents, we were nervous about the whole experience so having her there proved to be paramount. The second she walked into the hospital room everything calmed down, even my baby’s erratic heartbeat settled down! The simple fact that she had attended so many births and was there exclusively for us, was calming in and of itself. It was so reassuring to have her there as she understood the birthing process as well as the ins and outs of the hospital. Kerry was also there to assist me with the initial stages of breastfeeding. She ensured my little one latched on immediately after birth which studies have shown is imperative for mother’s who wish to breastfeed and for initial bonding.
Kerry did and amazing job prepping us for the birth and educating us on natural birthing techniques, relaxation and even nutrition! It was refreshing to know that she was always just an email or a text message away. She maintained excellent communication with us and was not only helpful and supportive during pregnancy and labor, but she was also there for us postpartum.
Although our dream of a natural birth was not ultimately realized, having Kerry there created a positive, warm environment. She was very helpful in helping us make decisions during labor and letting us know what the midwives and Dr.’s were recommending. This made us feel a whole lot better while making some important decisions. If and when we go for number 2, Kerry will be my first choice!

Melissa H.

Washington, DC

I could not have gotten through my delivery without Kerry! She was with us for the birth of our first baby. I had wanted to have a natural delivery (no epidural, no pain meds, and no C-section) but wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it.  However, with Kerry's support, I was able to accomplish this major feat! Kerry was calm and positive throughout the labor and delivery. We labored at home during the first few hours.  During this phase, we spoke on the phone several times and Kerry gave us advice for how to stay relaxed and manage early contractions. Kerry arrived at the hospital shortly after we did (which was late in the evening on a Sunday) and was by my side for the next 10 hours. Her encouraging words, calm demeanor, and guidance was a life-saver. As labor progressed she would suggest new positions and tactics to help me deal with the pain. At times when I didn't think I could go on, Kerry's confidence, positive energy, and super soft hands :) were SO helpful! I recommend Kerry 100% for her doula services and hope to have her present for our next little bundle of joy someday. 

Ashley S.

Washington, DC

Kerry was absolutely essential during the delivery of my first child. She was always available during my pregnancy to answer any questions and her suggestions were extremely helpful. I followed all of their suggestions and had very little negative side effects during my pregnancy - I even managed to avoid Group B! Once I went into labor, she was instantly available and calming during my early and active labor. She arrived at the hospital shortly after I did and stayed the whole 24 hours until I delivered, staying awake with me through all of it. Her presence was reassuring and empowering to both me and my husband. She really enabled my husband to be an active labor partner and offered suggestions rather than giving us orders. I could tell she had attended many births as her recommendations and attitude were really helpful. She was actively engaged in my delivery without being imposing or in the way. I'm convinced that I would not have been strong enough, educated enough or empowered enough to deliver naturally without Kerry's guidance. She stayed with me for 2 hours after delivery to make sure that I was OK and that I had started my breastfeeding relationship. She came to see me again a week after I delivered to show me how to wear the baby using a Moby wrap and to provide me with my encapsulated placenta. Seeing her again after delivery was great - she had the same positive, soothing effect she did during labor. I will forever be grateful to Kerry for being there during one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If she lived closer, I would totally hang out with her as a friend! I will ABSOLUTELY use her as a doula again if and when I have more children. I can't recommend her highly enough. THANK YOU KERRY!! 

Katie L.

Falls Church, VA

I selected Kerry as my Doula after interviewing about four different doulas. Kerry stood out because she was very warm, compassionate, calm and was accepting of my decision to use an epidural for pain relief during labor. The other Doulas that I interviewed were judgmental about this choice. Kerry was a great support leading up to the birth, we had two prenatal visits. She was a great wealth of information for my husband and I as first-time parents. We put together my birth wishes and she helped me with different relaxation techniques and exercises that I could do leading up to the birth of my child. One point in which Kerry was extremely vital as a resource was when my doctors were pressuring me to have an induction. I felt like I made the choice to be induced with a great deal of information all thanks to Kerry. She was very attentive at the birth, both for my husband and me. All the focus is on the baby after the birth, but Kerry looked after my needs. I would use Kerry again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to any of my friends venturing on their birth journey. She also visited me at for postpartum visit and was very helpful with different pieces of advice about caring for my child and for myself. I am very happy with using Kerry as a Doula.

Jordan D.

Alexandria, VA

My wife and I were very happy with Kerry as our doula. We met with her twice I believe before our birth, and in the weeks leading up to our birth we texted and chatted a few times on the phone. She was helpful with materials and giving my wife things to read. When we went into labor, Kerry was very responsive via text and phone, and reinforced what we needed to hear to get us through the first 6 hours of labor. When we finally asked her to come to the house she of course said "yes" and made her way over immediately. She was very calming, very nurturing, and did a great job of listening to both my wife and myself. We both simultaneously game planned and were on the same page throughout early labor. Kerry was great -- got us to the hospital in time, helped us to our room -- and just again, was another figure or person in our corner. I -- as a husband -- probably would have gotten flustered a few times had it not been for Kerry's presence. All in all -- during labor, delivery, and post -- Kerry was fantastic. She's been to our house twice after the birth to help with breastfeeding and just general questions. I feel that she genuinely cares about us and her job and I would feel absolutely comfortable referring her to anyone else. 

Carrie R.

Arlington, VA

We both (well all THREE of us) want to thank you for everything you did for us. Coming to the house, spending such a long day and night at the hospital, supporting and coaching me through delivery, and staying with me afterward - it was all wonderful. When I look back at the experience, I feel so happy that you were able to keep me reassured, comforted and focused. I wouldn't change a thing about my birth and I credit you with helping us navigate through the day.

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